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journey so far

IDEX's 13 year journey of creating impact and being human capital investor.

3rd chapter begins.

IDEX 1.0

In 2010, Bob Pattillo and Erika Norwood founded the IDEX Fellowship, backed by Gray Matters Capital. Initially, the Fellowship was a 10-month experience. 

This OG version of IDEX was like a global bootcamp for aspiring social entrepreneurs. It was an intense, hands-on, globe-trotting adventure, where fellows worked on high-impact projects with local social enterprises, while immersing themselves in new cultures and communities. The Fellowship wasn't just about learning, it was a crash course in empathy, grit, and impact.

IDEX 2.0

IDEX 2.0's six-month Fellowship was the backbone of their offerings, but they also threw in some consulting services for good measure. They became the Swiss Army knife of social impact, offering consulting services in research, social innovation design, and capacity building in organizational, professional, and personal development.

When COVID hit, IDEX did what any savvy social impact outfit would do: they pivoted to a fully virtual model. The Fellowship went online. 

IDEX 3.0

Erika Norwood, the OG founder of IDEX, decided to pass on the bait to Sagar Tandon to revive IDEX and give it a new paint. 

IDEX is leveling up once again. IDEX 3.0 is all about reimagining capitalism, with a focus on venture fund managers, venture builders, and the people behind the curtain (AKA the LPs). Say goodbye to the old-school social intrapreneurship focus, and hello to the next level. The IDEX Fellowship is morphing into the IDEX Accelerator, a 9-week bootcamp for the conscious capitlists, the disruptors, the mavericks who want to shake up the status quo. Get ready for a wild ride! 🚀

Bigger picture.


idex 3.0 mission.

IDEX is a talent accelerator that backs talent from across the spectrum that wants to play a pivotal role in reimagining capitalism. We are the first followers of conscious and diverse venture builders, fund managers (GPs), and capital allocators (LPs).

Our mission is to mobilize human capital to build a conscious world. Since 2010, IDEX has served as a launch pad and human capital investor for over 300 fellows from over 35 countries. By investing in conscious leaders today while they are, we are planting seeds for future leaders of tomorrow.


Join the movement of humanizing capital by being a first follower of conscious leaders - fund managers, venture builders, conscious capitalists, and capital allocators (LPs).

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