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2022 Experiment

We are thrilled to share the success of our inaugural accelerator program designed to support aspiring women fund managers from South and Southeast Asia. In collaboration with esteemed supporters such as Gray Matters Capital, Bob Pattillo, and Frontier Lab Asia, we launched a cohort-based educational fellowship to promote diversity at the fund manager level.

Key Highlights:

1. Cohort Composition:

  • Received an overwhelming response with approximately 100 applications for the first cohort.

  • Successfully onboarded 30 aspiring women fund managers.

2. Support from Industry Leaders:

  • Backed by influential supporters, including Gray Matters Capital, Bob Pattillo, and Frontier Lab Asia.

  • Mentored by industry experts such as Sameer Guglani, Virginia Tan, Maya Chandrasekaran, and other distinguished professionals.

3. Program Overview:

  • 11 sessions covering essential topics such as LP and GP perspectives, Investment Thesis, Fund Economics, and more.

  • Intentionally kept the cohort size large to explore diverse profiles and their engagement with the program.

4. Selection Criteria:

  • Fellowship-Fit criteria evaluated serial entrepreneurs, CXOs, and Investment and finance Professionals fit for potential fund management roles.

  • Competency assessment focused on sourcing advantage, track record, fundraising strategy, and access to potential investors.

  • Purpose and Intent criteria sought aspiring women fund managers planning to launch their funds within the next 3-18 months.

5. Selection Matrix:

  • Fellowship-Fit (25% weightage) - Considered professional backgrounds and geographical alignment.

  • Competency (50% weightage) - Evaluated sourcing advantage, track record, and fundraising capabilities.

  • Purpose and Intent (25% weightage) - Focused on the commitment to becoming fund managers in the near future.


We are proud to have facilitated a dynamic learning environment, fostering connections, and providing valuable insights into the world of fund management.

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