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Launchpad For Next-Gen
Fund Managers, Venture Builders & Capital Allocators

Mobilizing human capital to build a conscious world that benefits people, the planet, and animals.

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IDEX is a talent accelerator that backs talent from across the spectrum that wants to play a pivotal role in reimagining capitalism. We are the first followers of conscious and diverse conscious capitalists, venture builders, fund managers (GPs), and capital allocators (LPs).

Our mission is to mobilize human capital to build a conscious world. Since 2010, IDEX has served as a launch pad and human capital investor for over 300 fellows from over 35 countries.

We believe in the power of First Follower leadership as we are committed to being the first follower of exceptional conscious capitalists.

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  • Learn: 60-90 sessions with 45 mins - 1 hour of the workshop on the module and 30 minutes of Q&A discussion.

  • Perspectives: Sessions by experienced fund managers, conscious entrepreneurs, and investors share their experiences and journey so far.

  • Build: Every participant will work on a portfolio project - pitch deck, case study, research thesis, concept note, etc.

  • Demo Day: 90-120 minutes demo day - Portfolio shared with wide peers, Test your thesis with peers

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Core modules

  • 9 Core Modules: E.g. for fund manager accelerator, First Followers, we will cover >>> Investment Thesis / Fund Thesis, Portfolio Construction, Fund Economics, Target Profile - Entrepreneurs & LPs, Unfair Advantage, Purpose & Story, & Team, Fund Structure, and Process - Fund & Portfolio Level.

  • Playbook: We will share detailed playbook, reading materials and curated resources for self-learning. 

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  • Alums become mentors

  • Test your thesis with the IDEX community

  • The community contributes to the design of the accelerator

  • Share experiences, and insights, and co-create.

  • By being regularly featured and presented in dedicated aspiring fund manager ecosystems, networks, and events. 

  • Step-by-step guide and support to launch your fund, venture studio, or conscious capitalist journey. 

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