IDEX INSIGHTS is a series of conversations and stories authored by IDEX fellows of observations, experimentation and accelerated learning while working in India. Fellows share opinions, processes, tools and resources while pondering their failures and celebrating success.



We believe that women across the world should be encouraged to have careers that feed their passions and can help build their communities and society at large. INVESTWISE was created to open the door for more young women to start socially-impactful careers in specialized fields where women are under-represented. InvestWISE offers scholarship funding to selected IDEX fellows to assist with program tuition and also leads local community-service initiatives to expose more women to the concept of social intrapreneurship.


Founded in 2015 by IDEX Alumni and InvestWISE Scholarship recipient Shannon Thomas, the InvestWISE Women Changemakers Forum is dedicated to broadcasting the narratives of impactful Indian women, and inspiring the next generation of female leaders.



IDEX is collaborating with a number of partners across Bangalore to re-invest much needed resources in the communities that we work. Each IDEX fellow donates 24 hours of his/her time to support local organizations in the communities they work. Take a look at some of our recent projects across Bangalore. If you're a NGO or non-profit organization located in Bangalore and interested in becoming an I-GIVE Community Service Partner, please contact us. 



Twice a year, IDEX fellows work alongside local social enterprise organizations across India to drive intrapreneurial thinking, collaboration and innovation around their toughest organizational challenges. Fellows are briefed on the organizational challenge/opportunity, divided into teams and compete to innovate solutions within a 48-72 hour period. We’re always looking to work with organizations that would like to pursue impact for social good around a variety of issues. Our Intrapreneur Hacks are hosted pro-bono by IDEX at no cost to the partner organization. If you're interested in becoming a Hack partner, please contact us. 

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While IDEX fellows are experts at learning by doing, they also crave insights from others taking on the challenge of social change. Here we feature resources developed by fellows and alumni – reports, articles, projects and best practices – designed to help strengthen the social enterprise sector and the intrapreneurial skills of those working in the field. All publications are available for public use and dissemination.