We will be accepting Applications to host a fellow
starting 15th March, 2019 for the July 2019 Program.

APPLICATION Deadline : 15th MAY, 2019.


We intentionally make diversity a focus. Our partners understand that when you invite the worldview of others into your business- you open yourself up to new ideas and innovation that may not have existed before. That’s why they choose IDEX.
— Erika Norwood, Chairperson

IDEX aims to connect new and thriving enterprises with fresh talent who aspire to work with enterprises to support their mission. 

Our Global Fellows work individually with enterprises on a wide range of issues in a variety of positions, including business operations, marketing, research and analysis, program management, product development, and monitoring and evaluation.

CEO of Fairtrade India, Abhishek Jani, sheds some light on the importance of the IDEX fellowship within the Fairtrade organization.

Co-founder of Unitus Capital, Eric Savage, discusses the fellows role within their enterprise.

Our Fellows


Fellow Qualifications

At a minimum, all IDEX fellows are required to have the following:

  • A bachelor's degree prior to the start of the fellowship program (about 1/2 of our fellows have Masters or advanced degrees in business, development studies and other social sciences)

  • English fluency (written and verbal)

  • 1 to 3 years of work experience.

  • Demonstrated leadership experience and commitment to working in the social enterprise sector.

Targeted Screening

Applicants undergo a thorough three-phase interview and evaluation process to cultivate a dynamic pool to candidate’s who have obtained outstanding accomplishments, domain expertise, trustworthy referrals. Fellows must also past criminal background check and academic verification screenings.

Partner Eligibility

Our placement organizations range in size, scope of work, and mission focus: We work with small grassroots organizations and start-ups, medium size enterprises and NGOs as well as large global institutions, and a spectrum of organizations in between. We seek partners who:

  • Are committed to working within one of the following impact areas: access to finance, impact investing, healthcare, education, CSR, Gender, agriculture, sanitation, clean energy or water;

  • Are currently operating in India;

  • Can create a meaningful job description for a fellowship position (that does not exceed 10% administrative work);

  • Can identify a clear manager/mentor to train and oversee the fellow during the fellowship;

  • Have the necessary financial resources to cover the IDEX Service Fee (see details below).

Financial Contribution


IDEX Service Fee

Partners are required to pay IDEX a Service Fee for the duration of the six-month fellowship program. This can be dispersed in either a single installment or two installments over the six months.

Soft Landing

IDEX provides a 'soft landing' for incoming fellows by arranging housing for the first month of the fellowship program. From the second month of the fellowship term, fellows are expected to secure their own housing until the end of the term. Host Enterprises can also elect to source their own housing for fellows and may directly deal with the fellow in this regard.. 

Matching Process

The goal of the IDEX Fellowship is to maximize the experience and benefits for fellows and our enterprise partners. To this end, we use a competitive evaluation, selection and in-depth interviewing process to ensure we find the best match for all parties. 

Here's how it works: We begin the process of recommending Fellows for particular jobs two or three months prior to their arrival in India. The process is initiated when an enterprise partner, submits an interest application to host a fellow

Step 1 : Submit a Host Application + Job Description

In order for our staff to match your enterprise with the most appropriate fellow, we ask that partners provide a detailed description of the fellows anticipated roles and responsibilities in addition to any job-specific skill requirements.

Step 2 : Receive Matching Recommendations + Schedule An Interview

The IDEX placement team will aim to provide 1 or 2 recommended Fellows for the job description submitted by the partner. Once partners selects which of the short-listed Fellows they would like to interview, we will facilitate introductions. 

We encourage partners to schedule phone or Skype interviews with the selected fellow and share more information on the company's work culture and in-depth details of the job description and role expectations. 

*Partners who submit a Host Application are not required to host a fellow and can make the final decision on interviews or hosting a Fellow at their own discretion at any point during the matching process.

Photo credit:  {Balázs}  via  Foter.com  /  CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: {Balázs} via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Step 3: Sign The Fellowship Host Agreement

For enterprises that decide to move forward and host an IDEX Fellow, IDEX requires a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that outlines the terms of the Fellowship partnership and partner's financial contribution. Only after the Agreement MOU has been signed will the placement be considered finalized. 

Consideration: Due to the short time frame of the matching process, IDEX will reserve the right to share Fellow profiles with other interested host partners until an Agreement has been signed. We strongly encourage Enterprises to review fellow matches and coordinate interviews in a timely fashion with candidates of high interest. In cases where a shortlisted candidate must be re-assigned, our team will make every attempt to find alternative fellow matches. 

Upcoming Program

July 2019 Program

Application Deadline : 15th March, 2019

Placement Start Date : 8th July, 2019

Placement End Date : 19th December, 2019