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Q1. How much does it cost to enroll in the program? Is it free?

It is $1500 per pax.

Q2. When is the application deadline?

We are planning to start by mid-February 2024

Q3. How many participants will be selected for the program?


Q4. How about time committed to the program?

2-3 hours per week; 9 weeks 

Q5. Does it only qualify for the female participants to apply? Is it open for males too (first-time manager)

No, it is open to aspiring, diverse and first-time fund managers, venture builders and angel investors. 

Q6. Target Audience for the First Followers Fellowship

  1. Profile - Serial entrepreneurs, CXOs (Operators), and Investment and Finance Professionals. 

  2. Type - Talent investing, i.e., investing or capacity building of the talent (potential fund managers) without launching the fund. 

  3. Stage - 

    • Planning to make angel investments or have been actively seeking opportunities to invest in building the track record. 

    • Planning to start a venture or impact fund or venture studio fund in the near future but have not started it. 

    • Planning to become partner in existing funds, etc. 

Q7. What are the expected outcomes? 

  1. Basics of building a fund

  2. Able to use the basics to build a track record and do angel investing with a strategy

  3. Community of emerging managers and established managers 

  4. Possibly interact with Angel Networks and LPs at the end of the program 

Q8. Previous mentors? 

Sameer Guglani, Stella Tambunan, Virginia Tan, Maya Chandrasekaran, Amra Naidoo, Lesley Bendig, Richa Natarajan, Andia Laura Chakava, Bob Pattillo, Namita Dalmia, Soumya Rajan, and Lisa G. Thomas 

Q9. What happens in the 9 weeks? 

Core Modules - 9 sessions covering topics like Investment Thesis / Fund Thesis, Portfolio Construction, Fund Economics, Target Profile - Entrepreneurs & LPs, Unfair Advantage, Purpose & Story, & Team, Fund Structure, and Process - Fund & Portfolio Level. We also include sessions on Angel Investor Canvas.

GP Perspectives 

LP Perspective

Demo Day - 1 session

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