Meet Sibonokuhle!

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


Applied Humanitarian Studies, Diploma

Environmental Studies, B.A.


Has Also Lived/Worked:
South Africa


Sibo's placement: LabourNet ( was started in the year 2006 as an initiative of Movement for Alternatives for Youth Awareness (MAYA), a non-governmental organization based in Bangalore. It began largely as an effort to provide a one-stop platform for unorganized sector workers to obtain services which are currently available and accessible by formal sector workers. Today, LabourNet stands as a separate sustainable entity which is exclusively working towards building an ecosystem that will empower the informal sector workers – estimated to be about 400 million –and provide access to this workforce for economic development.

Sibo's scope of work:

Ø  Study and share inputs for enhancing / modifying academic course / training framework design, content and delivery in order to make training / skill development initiatives more ‘industry & job relevant’ 

Ø  Envision and design solutions for Skill Interventions bearing in mind the Client requirement, demand in a particular area and supply base lining. Also, assess all available products/interventions that LabourNet has to offer and optimally position them for further discussions with clients/other organisations. Understand limitations and suggest the best feasible options to internal teams and external customers.

Ø  Design and validate occupational standards ,competency assessment and training / assessment effectiveness measurement initiatives across work sectors (primarily for vocational skills)

Ø  Design and roll-out manpower / skill development related surveys across work sectors / locations focusing on business and skill requirements (from job supply and demand perspective), knowledge and competencies, training / skill gaps for various job roles. 

Ø  Undertake field and secondary research /expert interviews to create / map occupational hierarchy, role function mapping for work sectors in order to detail performance, knowledge and skill criteria for role-holders (primarily vocational skills)

Sibo's portfolio project: Micro-entrepreneur development toolkit