Gisel Barbieri!

Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

Community and Economic Development


Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, 
Universidad Abierta Interamericana
( Full scholarship)

Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology,
Universidad Abierta Interamericana.
( Full scholarship)

Dutch (Business proficiency).
Portuguese (Business proficiency)
French (Basic)

Has also lived/worked in:
The Netherlands




Professional Summary:

Gisel, 30,  has over 10 years of professional experience in Business Plan Management and Process Management.

1. Independent Development Consultant and Advisor (Argentina)

2. Organizational Development Director, AFS Intercultural Programs (Argentina & Uruguay)

3.  Accenture

  • Change Management Consultant (Brazil, U.S.A., Canada and Mexico)
  • Human Resources - Team Coordinator (Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Argentina)

4. Online & Onsite Advisor, F. Forge (Argentina)

5. Public Relations Organizer, Club Med (Brazil) 

Trainings and Conferences:

  • Impact 2030, Leadership Forum (Google & Realized Worth), 2016.
  • Women #STEMpreneurs WeXchange (BID, FOMIN & Nxtp Labs), 2016.
  • Storytelling (Accenture's Thought Leadership), 2016.
  • Business and diversity (UTDT & R.E.D.), 2016.
  • Employee Engagement & HR Analytics Chile (IBM & Von Der Heide), 2016.
  • International Congress of Social Responsibility (Argentina’s National Government, FONRES, et al.), 2015.
  • Forum of sustainable entrepreneurs (B Lab, B Corporations, et al.), 2015.
  • Conede: Education and Economic development (A. Harvard Club, A. MIT Alumni Club, et al.), 2015.
  • International Congress of Social Innovation (Ashoka), 2015.

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