When was IDEX founded?
IDEX was founded in 2010 as an initative under Gray Matters Capital Foundation. In 2014 IDEX was incorporated as a independent non-profit organization in Atlanta, GA USA. 

What does IDEX stand for?
IDEX stands for Intrapreneur Development Experience.

Is IDEX a non-profit organization?
Yes, IDEX operates as a U.S. based non-profit organization. Our operations in India is managed through a strategic partnership with Gray Ghost Ventures Managerial Services Private Limited (GGVMSPL).

What is a social intrapreneur?
IDEX defines a social intrapreneur as an individual who innovates, develops and promotes solutions to social challenges within an existing enterprise or organization.

How does a social intrapreneur differ from a social entrepreneur?
Contrary to social entrepreneurs, social intrapreneurs innovate from within an existing enterprise, organization or company rather than starting their own enterprise.

Where does the IDEX Fellowship take place?
The IDEX Fellowship currently operates in Bangalore, India and occasionally places fellows in cities outside of Bangalore. We are working to add additional regions and cities to our program in the near future.

Is IDEX an accelerator program exclusively for entrepreneurs?
No, IDEX is not exclusively for entrepreneurs. IDEX offers a professional development program for social intrapreneurs- individuals who seek to innovate and work within an existing enterprise alongside entrepreneurs.

What type of enterprises does IDEX partner with to host fellows? 
IDEX partners with socially focussed organisations across India to host fellows. Organisations with a vested interest in areas like technology for development, health, education, gender, energy, impact investing, livelihoods etc. IDEX does not discriminate between large, medium or small organisations, so long as they are able to offer an enriching experience for fellows.


If I applied for the fellowship in the past, may I re-apply?
Yes. If you applied for the IDEX Fellowship in the past, you are welcome to re-apply as long as you meet our eligibility criteria.

Is IDEX only for recent college graduates?
No. IDEX recruits candidates from various professional backgrounds and disciplines, including candidates that have Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degrees in various fields. We do require that candidates that have a minimum of 1 to 2 years of professional work experience. 

Does IDEX have age or education restrictions for applicants?
IDEX does not impose an age restriction on applicants, however most applicants are between 21 and 35 years of age with 1-2 years of work experience.  

I am currently a full time student, may I apply for a fellowship? 
Yes, you may apply for the IDEX Fellowship Program while you are a full time student in a degree program, however you must possess a Bachelors degree and have completed your studies before the start of your fellowship period. If you are selected as an IDEX Fellow, you are agreeing to make your IDEX enterprise placement your full-time employment.

Do I have to have a MBA or business degree to apply for IDEX?
No, IDEX recruits fellows across all academic disciplines who meet our criteria. Our alumni hold various academic degrees in areas of business, marketing, communication, political science, international affairs, sociology, education, computer science, engineering, amongst many others.

I currently have a full time job. Am I eligible to apply for the fellowship?
Yes, if you meet all eligibility criteria and you are prepared to resign from your current full-time employment if you are selected as a Fellow.

*Please note that if you are selected as an IDEX Fellow, you are expected to commit no less than 40 hours per week to your IDEX enterprise placement. In other words, you will not be able to continue in your current full-time employment in any capacity if you accept the IDEX Fellowship.

May I apply for the IDEX Fellowship to fund a research project in support of my degree requirements?
No, IDEX does not provide scholarship funds for any academic program or independent research outside of IDEX. IDEX does allow fellows the opportunity to pursue research through IDEX Insights within the fellowship program guidelines. 

Is IDEX open to applicants that are not American or Indian citizens?
Yes, IDEX recruits fellows from all corners of the world. Our alumni network is represented by more than 300 professionals across 32 countries. We encourage all applicants to apply that meet our criteria, regardless of their country of origin or citizenship. 

I have never worked in a social enterprise before, may I still apply for your fellowship program?
Yes, IDEX believes in identifying and supporting talented, yet unproven social intrapreneurs. Many of our fellows who are accepted do not have prior work experience in the social enterprise sector.

Does IDEX conduct a background investigation?
IDEX is required to complete a background investigation to ensure that enrollment of the applicant as a IDEX Fellow is consistent with the national interest of U.S. and India. IDEX will therefore obtain an appropriate background investigation for all candidates who accept an invitation to serve in the fellowship. The background investigation will reveal all arrests and convictions regardless of disposition (i.e., suspended sentence, deferred judgment, dismissal, not guilty, reduced charge, mistaken identity, or expungement). Therefore you are required to report your complete criminal record information regardless of whether the record in your case has been sealed, expunged, or otherwise stricken from the court record. Information revealed by the background investigation, including information which the applicant failed to disclose may be grounds for disqualification from the IDEX Accelerator. 

What is IDEX's Drug & Alcohol Policy?
An applicant with any drug-related conviction or with a conviction for public intoxication, driving under the influence (DUI), or driving while intoxicated (DWI), with a conviction for reckless driving after having been initially charged with DUI or DWI, or who has a similar alcohol-related conviction, is not eligible to have his or her application for IDEX considered until at least 12 months has passed from the date of the incident.

An applicant who, at any time on or prior to the day of departure for the IDEX Fellowship, is arrested for any drug offense or for public intoxication, DUI, DWI or any similar alcohol-related offense will have any pending application or invitation from IDEX withdrawn. If the charges are dismissed an applicant whose application or invitation for IDEX was terminated may immediately reapply. If the applicant is convicted of the offense, he or she may reapply after 12 months from the date of the incident.

May I apply for IDEX is I am currently serving in the military?
Participation in the IDEX Fellowship must not interfere with a citizen's commitment to their required military service. IDEX expects its applicants who are military veterans (or on active duty) to have satisfied all military obligations prior to departing for the IDEX Fellowship. Applicants who are currently serving on active duty for his/her country must verify completion of any reserve obligations following their discharge from active duty.

Applicants with outstanding military (or National Guard) active duty obligations must provide a written statement from their commanding officer that, except in case of national emergency, their presence will not be required by their military unit for the duration of the IDEX Fellowship program period. 

Application Process

May I apply for the fellowship early?
No, applicants can only begin the fellowship application during the open application period. Click here to learn more about the application timeline.

Can I mail in my application and supporting material?
No, you must submit your application using our online application form. If you have limited access to the Internet, we suggest printing out the application questions, so that you can work on composing your answers offline, either by hand or in a Word document. This will save you considerable time when you go online to enter your responses. We will not accept or review any other documents (e.g., letters of inquiry, resumes) in lieu of the online application.

*Note: If you compose your answers in a word processor and copy them into our online system, you must make sure that they still fit our character limitations – including spaces.

Can you provide me with some samples of successful applications?
No, IDEX does not provide samples of successful applications. Every year, IDEX looks for the strongest applications that showcase the candidate's committment and professional aspirations to advancing socially mided business and social challenges. We do provide significant guidance on the application process, please refer to the Application Guidance Section of our website to find additional preparation materials.

Can I make changes to my submitted application?
No, once an application is submitted changes cannot be made. If you would like to request for your application to be withdrawm, please email Once withdrawm, you will be able to complete a new application.

I applied for the fellowship last year, do I need to submit a new application?
Yes, applicants will need to submit a new application for each fellowship cycle (even if applying for a new cycle within the same year). IDEX will not save or consider applications from previous cycles.

Acceptance Process

When will I be informed if I have been selected as a fellow?
Due to the high number of applications IDEX follows a rigorous application timeline. Please refer to the application timelines for notification dates.

If I am selected as a fellow, how long will I have to accept my offer?
All selected candidates will be granted five (5) business days to respond to the fellowship offer. Once the offer period has passed, your spot may be granted to a wait-listed candidate. *Please note that the tuition deposit will also be payable upon accepting the fellowship offer.

Can I speak to current or past fellows before accepting my offer?
Selected applicants seeking to contact alumni should send a request to their Admissions Coordinator or email requests to IDEX will make every attempt to connect applicants to alumni. 

Can I determine my placement city or placement organization?
A condition of accepting the Fellowship offer is a willingness and flexibility to accept placement with any of IDEX’s enterprise partners, and to be placed in any of its geographies. 

Due to the fast-paced and unexpected nature of the environments in which IDEX and its enterprise partners operate, unforeseen changes to plans and assignments are not uncommon. All successful candidates should be comfortable moving quickly in a changing environment, and should be flexible about geographic placements and sector involvements.

Tuition & Fellowship Expenses

Why does IDEX charge tuition?
IDEX believes in the power of entrepreneurship and impact. We also believe that the first step in creating social change begins with investing in yourself. Program tuition also allows for IDEX to invest in program delivery, staff and offer professional development opportunities in a scalable, sustainable, market-based manner. To learn more about what program tuition covers, click here.

When is program tuition due?
IDEX offers flexible payment options for program tuition. IDEX does require that selected fellows pay a non-refundable tuition deposit of $450 upon acceptance of the fellowship offer. Fellows can elect to pay the remaining tuition based on an installment plan of their choice which breaks payments into one, two or three payments before the fellowship program start date. Installment plans may be subject to additional administrative fees. 

Does IDEX offer a stipend to fellows?
Yes, fellows will receive a modest monthly living stipend towards the fellow's cost of living expenses. The amount of the monthly stipend will be based on the cost of living in the fellow's placement city. 

*Please note the monthly stipends are intended to reduce a portion of the fellow's living expenses but are not intended to cover all estimated monthly living expenses.

Does IDEX offer scholarships?
Yes, through generous funding from Gray Matters Capital Foundation, IDEX is able to offer a limited number of partial scholarships to select candidates. All scholarships awarded will be applied towards the fellows tuition and are non-monetary. To learn more about IDEX Scholarships, click here.

What other expenses are associated with the fellowship?
Fellows will be responsible for covering their cost for travel to and from the fellowship site in India (Mumbai, Bangalore or Hyderabad). Additionally, fellows must obtain a business visa for entry into the country. IDEX also estimates that fellows living expenses (food, travel, utilities) while in India will average $250- $350 USD per month based on the city placement. *Please note: IDEX provides a modest monthly living stipend to fellows to reduce the cost of living expenses and housing is paid for by enterprise hosts.

Do fellows pay for housing?
No, IDEX housing is provided by the fellow's enterprise placement. IDEX works with enterprise partners to secure housing accomodations that are modest yet meet our quality standards. 

Will IDEX support fellows in fundraising for their fellowship?
IDEX desires for all their fellows to succeed and meet their fundraising goals. In order to support fellows as they fundraise, IDEX has developed a Fundraising Tool Kit that will be accessible to selected fellows upon their acceptance into the fellowship program. In addition IDEX has a partner platform with Indiegogo that fellows can use to fundraise. IDEX encourages their fellows to get creative as they search for ways to raise their funds to participate in the fellowship.

Fellowship Structure & Field Placement

Can fellows bring their spouse, partner and/or children to their overseas placement?
While the focus of the program is to invest in intrapreneurial leaders, IDEX Fellows are permitted to bring family or loved ones overseas at their own expense and are responsible for making the appropriate travel and living arrangements themselves. IDEX will assist in arranging housing, logistics, work permits and other related items only for the recipient of the Fellowship.

*It should be noted that Fellows could be expected to travel - if need be - at short notice,  sometimes to difficult environments. The program is intensive, time-consuming and requires significant commitment and flexibility. When in the field, access to Internet and phone systems will be available wherever possible, but applicants must expect that there may be times when frequent communication with family and friends may not be particularly accessible or affordable. 

Where does the fellowship take place?
IDEX currently places fellows with enterprise partners located across Bangalore and in cities outside the city. 

What do fellows do during their field assignment?
Prior to arriving at their field placement, Fellows will be in touch frequently with their assigned enterprise to learn more about the organization and begin developing plans for their work with that company. The Fellows Manager and members of IDEX’s field team will support the Fellows and the enterprise host in developing these work plans by helping to identify priorities for the company and key areas where the Fellow may add the most value.

While in the field, will there be regular travel to my home city?
No, the field placement portion of the fellowship is 24 weeks and frequent travel that is unrelated to placement work is not permitted. Each Fellow will be allowed to take a reasonable number of vacation days off during their placement but must arrange all vacations with the enterprise partner. IDEX will arrange periodic meetings with the entire city-cohort during the fellowship period, and a reconvening and debriefing period in India at the end of the program. 

Where do fellows live?
IDEX enterprise partners provide housing accommodations for fellows during the fellowship period. Housing is in most cases arranged by either IDEX or he enterprise placement and in all cases inspected and approved by IDEX to ensure it meets our quality standards. Housing will be located within the city of the fellow's placement within a reasonable distance.  

Safety & Security

What about safety?
Safety and security are IDEX's top priorities. IDEX is committed to providing every Fellow with the training, guidance and support they need to remain safe and productive throughout their fellowship experience. 

Yet, because many Fellows are placed outside of their home country, in urban and sometimes in remote areas, health and safety risks are an inherent part of the IDEX Fellowship. Fellows can reduce these risks by following recommendations for locally appropriate behavior, exercising sound judgment, and abiding by IDEX's policies and procedures. In the effort to ensure a productive, healthy, and safe experience for Fellows, IDEX reviews work and housing sites in advance, employs a regional field support team within the country that fellows are placed, and develops and tests plans for responding to emergencies.

In addition, IDEX updates materials for IDEX Fellows with specific information about safety and security risks in the areas where they serve. This enables Fellows to make informed decisions and have a safe, healthy fellowship experience.

Is the IDEX fellowship safe?
IDEX is absolutely committed to providing Fellows with training, guidance, support and information they need to remain safe and productive throughout their fellowship experience. IDEX's broad and systematic approach to keep Fellows safe is based upon several fundamental tenets of safety and security, including: building relationships, sharing information, training, site development, incident reporting and response, and emergency communications and planning. Still, IDEX cannot eliminate every risk that Fellows face.

All Fellows are strongly encouraged to report safety concerns or incidents to IDEX staff immediately. Staff are trained and prepared to provide administrative support as needed, and respect Fellows' confidentiality to the highest extent possible. IDEX also maintains a strong, collaborative relationship with local authorities to address safety and security concerns as they arise.

What can Fellows do to protect their safety?
Becoming an IDEX Fellow requires changes in lifestyle, preferences and habits in deference to host country cultural expectations to minimize security risks. Choices in dress, living arrangements, means of travel, entertainment and companionship may have a direct impact on how Fellows are viewed, and thus treated, by their communities.  Navigating the differences in gender relations may be one of the most sensitive and difficult lessons to learn, but one that can have a direct impact on Fellows' security and the level of protection provided by the local community.  Mature behavior and the exercise of sound judgment will enhance personal security.

Safety and security are predicated on the development of interpersonal relationships between Fellows and host-country community members. Fellows' daily safety is best assured when they are well integrated into the local community, valued and protected as extended family members, and viewed as contributors to development.  To this end, IDEX strives to build and maintain deep relationships with organizations within the host country's local communities. Fellows are encouraged to learn the local language and integrate into their host community, and are expected to build and maintain respectful relationships with their placement enterprises, colleagues, fellow cohort members and other community members. These relationships help Fellows establish a presence in their new homes, pave the way for many work and social opportunities, and become the basis for their support systems in country.

What does IDEX do to plan for emergencies?
Fellows typically live and work in communities at some distance from the IDEX regional headquarters in Bangalore. Fellows are expected to stay in touch with their appointed Regional Program Coordinator on a periodic basis to ensure they can be contacted in case of an emergency. They are required to report their whereabouts when they travel away from their sites for work or leisure, and are required to receive IDEX authorization if they intend to leave their country of assignment for any reason.

IDEX addresses larger security concerns through country-specific Emergency Action Plans (EAP). These plans are developed to address events such as natural disasters or civil unrest, and set forth the strategies developed by IDEX Regional Offices and Corporate Heaquarters in the U.S. to prepare for, respond to, communicate, and recover from such crises. Each plan defines roles and responsibilities for staff and Fellows, explains policies and procedures, and lists contact information for emergency resources. These plans are tested and revised annually, and Fellows receive training to understand their roles and responsibilities.

IDEX works closely with the regional offices of the U.S. Embassy and other international organizations to share information, monitor threats, develop strategies, and coordinate communication in a crisis. IDEX works in partnership with local partners in the host country to ensure emergency plans are comprehensive, current, realistic, rehearsed, and reflect best practices for the region. Fellows' safety and well-being are paramount in rapidly identifying, evaluating, and reacting to potential problems. If a decision is made to evacuate Fellows from a country, IDEX will commit every resource at hand to safely move each and every Fellow out of harm's way.

What is the role of IDEX staff in protecting Fellows' safety?
Every staff member at IDEX is committed to providing Fellows with the support they need to successfully complete their fellowship. At each IDEX Office, the Regional Program Coordinator is responsible for the safety and security of Fellows and for implementing the safety and security program.

IDEX' overall safety and security program is overseen by the Executive Director with the support from the Board of Directors and legal counsel at IDEX's U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, GA.  This office monitors security issues, advises country programs, develops safety training programs for staff and fellows, provides crisis management support, coordinates with other regional counterparts, and disseminates best practices.

Does IDEX train Fellows on safety and security?
IDEX takes an integrated approach to Fellow training. Before assignment to the communities where they will live and work, Fellows participate in 2-3 weeks of pre-fellowship orientation. During the pre-fellowship phase, Fellows interact with alumni to develop an awareness of the fellowship environment, build their capacity to cope with the challenges they may face, and practice skills that will help them adopt a safe and appropriate lifestyle. 

Fellows also participate in a one week field orientation and training upon arrival in India. Activities often merge cross-cultural, health and safety instruction. Furthermore, Fellows are also instructed on IDEX's policies and procedures and their associated responsibilities. IDEX provides this integrated safety training throughout the fellowship to help Fellows better understand their surroundings and develop personal safety strategies.