Enterprise Eligibility

Can Enterprises pay IDEX to source housing?
IDEX requires enterprise partners to identify, solidify and provide housing accommodations for fellows through the duration of the program, at no expense to the fellow.

IDEX has select housing accommodations in Bangalore for enterprises that require support identifying housing accommodations. The enterprise can request IDEX sourced housing when completing the host application, however IDEX cannot guarantee housing accommodations will be provided. If the enterprise is granted IDEX sourced housing, the enterprise must pay IDEX a housing fee to cover the monthly rent for the host fellow. 

Does IDEX have location restrictions for Enterprise Partners?
IDEX currently partners with enterprises located across India, however, IDEX prioritizes fellow placements in Bangalore.

What type of Enterprises does IDEX partner with to host fellows?
IDEX partners with Social Enterprises/non-profits/for-profit across India to host fellows as long as they are working on a social mission. 

Do Fellows earn a salary?
IDEX fellows do not earn a monthly salary, however IDEX does require enterprise partners to provide fellows with a monthly living stipend, ranging from 6,000 INR - 10,000 INR per month based on the placement city.

While enterprise partners cannot pay fellows a salary during the fellowship period, those partners who desire to contribute monetarily to the fellow's cost of living can do so through the fellow's online crowdfunding campaign. 


What is the typical fellow profile?
All IDEX fellows have the following:

  • Bachelors degree (50% have Masters or post-graduate degrees)

  • A minimum of 1-3 years of work experience

  • Proven track record of leadership responsibilities

  • A passion and desire to work in emerging markets and use social enterprise principles to solve global issues

  • An ability to quickly adapt and work in new environments

  • The desire to engage in an intense professional development experience while applying creative solutions to deepen impact

Do all IDEX Fellows have business experience or an MBA?
No, IDEX recruits fellows across all academic disciplies who meet our criteria. Our fellows hold various academic degrees in areas of business, marketing, communication, political science, international affairs, sociology, education, computer science, engineering, amongst many others.

How many fellow profiles do Enterprise partners receive to review?
Enterprise partners can expect to recieve 1 to 2 fellow profiles to review for final selection. Candidates are matched based on both the fellow interest and enterprises requirements. 

Does IDEX only recruit International Fellows?
IDEX recruits fellows from all corners of the world, including in-country fellows. Our alumni network is represented by more than 250 professionals across 16 countries. We encourage all applicants to apply that meet our criteria, regardless of their country of origin or citizenship. We also strongly encourage fellows residing in IDEX program locations to apply for the fellowship.

Can Enterprises request fellows from a specific geography?
It is important that when applying to host a fellow that enterprises are open to hosting a fellow from any geography. IDEX has strict non-discrimination policies and prides itself on being an equal opportunity employer and thus cannot determine a fellow match based on their nationality, race, gender, age, religion or ethnicity. It is important that our partners understands, respect and employ these same values.

Where does IDEX recruit fellows?
IDEX employs various recruitments strategies to attract the most promising candidates from across the globe. Our most successful candidates have been recruited from:

  • University Partners

  • IDEX Alumni

  • Professional Networks

  • Strategic Search Parners

  • University Career Fairs and Student Associations

  • Social Media Platforms

How does IDEX match Fellows to Enterprise Partners?
IDEX has developed a succssful matching process to pair fellows with enterprise hosts. IDEX considers two factors in matching:

  1. The Fellow’s sector/industry preferences and interests, academic background, professional work experience, current skill set, future career aspirations and learning goals;

  2. The Enterprise hosts Scope of Work, company/work culture, requirements and desired qualifications.

A condition of all selected applicants accepting the Fellowship offer is a willingness and flexibility to accept placement with any of IDEX’s enterprise partners, and to be placed in any of its geographies.

In what capacity do Fellows work with enterprise placements?
All Fellows will learn and apply a wide range of skills during the Fellowship year. It's important to keep in mind that Fellows will work directly for the enterprise while recieving mentorship from a member of the enterprise's leadership team. When working with an enterprise partner, the expectation is that each Fellow will report directly to the management of that company and will be treated as an junior level employee within the enterprise. 

Can Enterprises elect to interview fellows?
Yes, enterprises can request to interview the matched candiate(s) before making a final decision to host the fellow.