Chloe Edmundson!

Greenwich, USA (presentlybased in UK)



MA (Hons) Philosophy, University of Edinburgh (2012 - 2016)

Fullbridge XBA Certificate in Entrepreneurship (2014)

Spanish (Working/business proficiency)
Portuguese (Basic)

Has also lived/worked in:
United Kingdom
The Bahamas




Professional Summary:

Chloe, 23,  has over 4 years of professional experience in Communications, Project Management, Design Thinking and Grassroots Campaigning.

1. Founder/ Freelance Content and Grant Writer, Sinclair Consulting, LLC. (USA/UK)

2. Grant Writer and Development Intern, USO of Metropolitan New York (New York City, USA)

3. Project Management & Product Development Intern, Harmless Harvest (San Francisco, USA)

4. Founder, KNACK Edinburgh (Edinburgh, UK)

5. FreshSight, Ltd. (Edinburgh, UK)

  • Communications Manager
  • Consultant/Lead Consultant

Special mentions:

1. Speaker, TEDx University of Edinburgh Conference (Edinburgh, UK)

2. Speaker, TEDx University of Edinburgh Student Speaker Conference (Edinburgh, UK)

3. Edinburgh Award for Social Innovation (March 2015) - for playing an active role in building communities of students to design, develop, deliver, and integrate new concepts and practices that put the social good first.

4. Academic Campaign Organiser, Edinburgh University Students’ Association (Edinburgh, UK)

5. Co-Campaign Manager, Steve Morrison for Rector Campaign (Edinburgh, UK)

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