Gender Lens Investing

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We are living in the 21st Century and women still speak to an underutilized drive for feasible independence and remain under served as far as access to capital, market linkages and assets expected to enhance their financial position is concerned. Women entrepreneurs are changing the face of the global economy, contributing towards job creation and economic growth – yet, only an estimated 10% of them have access to the capital they need to grow their businesses. Shutting the gender gap isn't just a social objective yet, in addition, a key to fostering economic development.

Representing half of the total populace, women assume synergist parts in progressing manageable improvement objectives by upgrading efficiency, encouraging monetary development and enhancing social results. In rising economies, specifically, nations that have put women at the focal point of advancement help and neediness diminishment techniques have encountered more grounded development in their economies when contrasted with those nations that are conservative. 

Actually, propelling women's fairness over the general population, private, and charitable parts could add an expected $12 trillion to US GDP alone by 2025. Women in India make up 40% of the population, yet account for only 10% of entrepreneurs, according to some estimates. This is mainly due to lack of access to capital and business skills beyond developing their products, which cause them to be left behind in the informal sector.

Women are colossally vital to the worldwide economy. The conspicuous stage is to match financial reality with the noteworthiness of women in investment investigation or to dive further into gender lens investing. Gender lens investing does not have a steady definition and board understanding, and is packed with misinterpretations, and some of them are as follows

  1. That gender lens investing is just about investing in women
  2. That it will at last fail to meet expectations real benchmarks
  3. That it is for the most part for microfinance

However, the truth is different.

Basically, gender lens investing is the joining of gender factors into investment analysis and decisions. Having a gender lens brings out roundabout and downplayed part of the gender that generally would be missed or misjudged. Gender lens helps investors to frame the context, the issue and respond more consciously. 

Gender-lens investing principles seek to fill this gap in our current investment landscape; at its core, gender-lens investing identifies investment opportunities, business models, products, and market segments that promote the livelihoods of women and girls. This results in a convergence of market-based principles that magnify financial returns alongside women’s empowerment.

While gender lens investing may not be the ultimate solution to all the social problems, however, we can't deny that it plays a vital part in opening capital for the options that would have not been obvious if an older approach was taken. It coordinates capital towards an essentially under-utilized fragment that can bring about genuine monetary and social changes. This upside of recognizing & opening closed doors for the investors and investees delineates that gender lens investing picked for women, and in addition men.