Dynamite in Small Packages

Imagine if perfume was only packaged and sold in 20 Litre containers; I guess the value and preciousness of the perfume was going to be meaningless. Have you ever seen that diamond sparkles no matter how small it is? My experiences in life have taught me that small gestures always make a great impact that is beyond our imagination.

This one afternoon, as usual, I took my lunch bag and went to the dining room to have my lunch. I had made it a habit that whenever I am having lunch, I chat with my family back home because at-least by that hour everyone will be wake. Therefore, on this particular day, I had my earphones plugged in my ears while busy getting an update on the happenings that I was missing by me being here in Bangalore.  One of my colleagues approached me and honestly, I never heard his footsteps because I was concentrating on my conversation. However, his presence was announced by a small box he was carrying in his hands.


I turned around with a surprised look on my face which immediately turned into a smile because the colleague who had “disturbed” me from my “me time with my family” was beaming from ear to ear. At that moment, the surprise emotion was replaced by a curious, excited and eager to know sensation because I was sensing some great news coming my way. My colleague stretched his hands towards me holding a small box and he said “I got engaged and I wanted to share this sweet (kaju katli) with you as a way of celebrating my engagement”. It took a lot of restraining from my end to stop myself from standing up and dancing with joy as a gesture of showing him how happy I was for him. Nevertheless, I gave him a handshake which was accompanied by a congratulatory message and a sweet smile.

When I was in my room and reflecting about my day, that moment of being given a sweet brought up heart-warming emotions in me because it made me realize how seemingly small gestures can truly make my day special. I bet that the sweet I was given had not cost much but the fact that he thought of coming over to where I was seated and sharing it with me made me realise that I have indeed been embraced to be part of the bigger family in the workplace.

It then crossed my mind that if all of us were to really get down from our “high horses” of high expectations from people, we would realise that we are indeed surrounded by loving and caring people. I presume most of us are too busy waiting for “mind blowing gestures” from people in our lives that we miss out on the meaningful and impactful “small gestures” that are done for us on a daily basis such as a fellow pedestrian giving way for you so that you may go ahead before them. These are the kind of things we often forget to appreciate in our day to day lives and I am glad I got this dose of a reminder in a way that inspired me to even write about it!