The true treasure of India is definitely the people here— the fellows, the interns, the locals and the community at large. Interacting with them is like getting to know the whole world without stepping out of your door. JK Rowling once said "We touch other people’s lives simply by existing", my favourite moment in India this far is connected with, the people

It's fascinating how you change and see things differently in just two short weeks.

It is really amazing how some people can affect your life and make you a better person without even trying. I am always open to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures and always found it liberating. This exposure and experience brings new ideas and insights which make you think about your life differently.

For the first time in my life, I was deeply touched by another person. Her sense of calm and the positivity with which she deals with any situation is extremely inspiring.. She instils a sense of confidence and courage in me. It is because of this that I, today can deal with people and situations in a calm manner.

This made me realize that life is essentially, very simple and all the complications are created by us. So, why don't we just live life positively and be open to changes, accept things with a huge smile on our face. When you do this and stay calm, signals are sent to your brain to start solving the problem and you will find yourself more proactive than being stressed out and not doing anything.

Trust me I am implementing it now in my life and its working perfectly well.

Just be calm and positive and open to deal with situations proactively. Life is too short to stress out, just enjoy everything happening to you and react to it by a SMILE :)