A New Chapter in IDEX's Leadership

Today I recalled the day that Gray Matters Capital Foundation informed me that they would support the spin-off of the IDEX Fellowship program. There was a nervous yet excited energy that filled my entire body and soul. That day was almost three years ago - even though it feels like yesterday. With a scrappy and motivated staff already in place, we worked relentlessly to prove worthy of their trust and investment in our idea to increase diversity in the social sector by developing a global league of intrapreneurs to support the work of visionary entrepreneurs. After all- most people had never even heard the term intrapreneur!  

From that day forward we moved full steam ahead and never looked back; and what a rollercoaster ride it has been! In just three short years, we've managed to become a self-sustaining non-profit enterprise, attract hundreds of passionate applicants from every corner of the globe each year, train over 350 fellows, recruit an alumni advisory council and build a great network of partners, staff and advisors to support the work we do. I am so proud of what we have accomplished and fully recognize that it was not the single effort of any one person but only achieved through the collective contributions of many people who've believed in our mission.

Yet today, it's with the same excited energy that I share my transition from Executive Director at IDEX. The excitement is in the confidence of my successor Bhavna Mathur who has led IDEX as the Country Director for the past year. Bhavna has done an incredible job of deepening our impact across India and narrowing into the needs of our enterprise host partners and fellow community. We are beyond fortunate to have her guidance and leadership now and hopefully for many years to come. 

My work ahead in the impact space is also far from over. I will be returning back to Gray Matters Capital where I started my impact career over a decade ago to serve as Executive Director. GMC has been a catalytic player in the impact investing space since 2005, putting their belief in and resources towards visionary entrepreneurs who serve their communities. Needless to say I am both excited and extremely honored to re-engage with the team to continue building upon the foundation that it's Founder Bob Pattillo, the board, staff and countless partners have put in place.  In many ways I feel that my experience at IDEX has prepared me for this new charge. I know the nervous confidence that our investees must feel when they accept investment capital. I know the personal feeling of failure, the hard work, tough decisions and grit that is required to move beyond failure and the sweet taste of the little "aha moments" that lead to overall success.  

I am beyond thankful to my IDEX family, peers and network partners for their contributions to our work and the development of my own professional experience over the years. I look forward to remaning engaged with IDEX in my new role at GMC and know that many new and exciting things are on the horizon for IDEX.

Looking forward!
Erika Norwood 

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