We All Have Dreams...

We all have dreams. We all have that pressing desire to want more from life, to bite more than we can chew out of life, to reach beyond our grasp in life. Why then is it that despite this intoxicating desire for a better tomorrow, many remain within the pitfall of their status quo. Many dream and go to sleep, others give birth to bright ideas but simply nurse them in the swaddling clothes of our journals hoping that someday those dreams will fulfill themselves.

Some bluntly ignore the call of their dreams while others make up fancy excuses for why they think it's not time to pursue their dreams or why they aren't ready to pursue them.

Some years ago, the idea of the electric light bulb was tipped off in the mind of several young men across the world, but only one of them, Thomas Edison, did something about that idea. Whereas others were making excuses about how the world wasn't ready for that innovative idea, Thomas was busy working on transforming that idea into reality. Today he is celebrated for it. Indeed, many are called but few are chosen. The chosen few are those who take it upon themselves to give wheels to their dreams because dreams are like mental vapor that must be collected and condensed into fluid reality

We need to understand that no dream is self fulfilling. A dream is absolutely obedient to the law of inertia. It remains as a dream in a state of rest until there is an external force that causes it to experience a displacement. A dream is a vehicle for change that requires a driver as with every other vehicle type.

The moment a dream is given to you, the clock begins to tick for and against you. A Dream does not expire, what expires is the dreamer. There is a time designated for every dream. Of what use is discovering you were meant to be a footballer if you discover it at the age of 60. It may be too late for you!

People hide behind the curtains of their fear by making excuses. Failing to realize that excuse excludes a man from destiny. They allow the little rats of their fear sneak out of their mental basement and boo the giant elephant of their potential into hiding.

Every true dream will place a demand on you to stretch and reach far into the outskirts of your comfort zone. They are designed to be far reaching so much so that when we stretch to grasp hold of their realities, we inevitable grow. Your dreams may portray you as an infant because they are usually cladded in childlike fantasies, but in pursuit it presents to you an evidence of maturity.

The first step is towards realizing it is often the hardest. We all need to get to work on our dreams one way or the other. If you cannot fly, run! If you cannot run, walk! If you cannot walk, crawl! If you cannot crawl, bat your eyelash or make sounds that help propel you towards your dreams. Rome wasn't built in a day, but daily it was built. We must strive to do something daily no matter how little that will propel us in the direction of our dreams.