You Are Stuck With You!

Man is a relational being, hence, he thrives on interaction. He is social in nature and constantly attempts to reach out to his fellow man. Even though it is not good for man to be alone, sometimes it becomes inevitable as we may often find ourselves lurking around the corridors within the dungeons of loneliness.

Surely, loneliness and being alone are not the same thing. Loneliness is a good place to be because for many, that is the only place where we are forced to interact with and get to know ourselves personally. We spend our entire life time hanging out, mingling and getting to know other people, but we neglect knowing the most important person in our life. Us! The fact remains, you are your longest standing companion. You have been with you longer than any other person has and will. You are the only person you have the greatest obligation to discover. Every other person, even a spouse, is only a visitor in your life. You are stuck with you!

We must try to maximize those positions on the number line of our lives where it seems like we are lonely; those places where we make soul screams, but all we hear is our own voices echoed back at us as they collide against the walls of our souls. Life places us in those conditions so we are forced to converse with our inner man, to discover who we are, what we are made off and what we are capable of doing.

We often times mute our desire for self discovery by striving to discover other people, we make up for our deficiency in discovering ourselves by journeying the world and hoping the guilt goes away by doing so, but sadly it remains within the core of our soul like a warm of desire eating deep into the carcass of our personality, beckoning on us to discover ourselves, to immerse ourselves within ourselves to find ourselves.

The caterpillar understands this principle and that is why at a certain time in its life, it cocoons itself within itself and observes a moment of silence to listen to the whispers of its potential saying to it, "you are more than an insect who crawls on its belly, You can fly!". As a result of this solitary encounter, it comes out a beautiful butterfly.

Similarly, there are potentials within us that refuse to reveal themselves at the surface. They are submersed deep within the core of our being and until we allow our soul pass through the brewery of our loneliness, we may never experience that rich, intoxicating, orgasmic feeling that living out our full potential brings. We must of necessity, retreat to silence because its only in silence that the voices heralding the answers to our deepest life questions can be heard.