Reaching Your Desired Destination... But How?

It was finally here! I had dreamt about this day for about 3 months. It seemed to be the first day of the rest of my life and I had worked hard for it and now here I was, standing before today, waiting for it to unveil my expectations to me like a groom waiting for the veil of his bride to be flipped backward. We had just finished the much talked about one week IDEX orientation, moved into our beautiful apartments and finally it was time to unwrap the next big surprise IDEX had for us. Our work placements!

Although I was disappointed that my previous enterprise placement had for no tangible reason withdrawn their desire for me, I was positive and based my optimism on a knowing that there was a favorable conspiration of events for me. I looked into the future with big, wet and glistening eyes like a child waiting to open gift boxes from under a Christmas tree.

I had made up my mind that I was going to use the bus as my main commute medium for two reasons; any alternative commute medium would cost too much because my office was about 25km away and I felt the need to just belong and blend in with the people so I can learn as much as I can from them and I saw the bus as a perfect opportunity to do that.

I walked over to the bus stand with no clue as to which bus to board or what exactly I needed to do to connect my office, I just knew I would find my way somehow. I got there and asked a guy for direction and he advised me to get on a bus with him to Majestic. (which sounded like Medistics because of his Indian accent) He explained to me that Majestic was the central location in town where I would find buses going to every part of Bangalore. I trusted him and went along- ofcourse I had no choice! We got to Majestic and I had gotten a bit relaxed about finding my way because I thought I had just found a bus commute guru who would babysit me through the bus process but before I knew it, my bubbles were busted as His own bus came along and within the twinkle of an eye, he had already boarded and left me with no more than pointings in a particular direction which I eventually got to know was the bus number inquiry stand.

At the bus stand, I was told to wait for bus number 288D on platform 23. I thought my burden of ignorance had finally been lifted up by this information until I now had to wait for about an hour and a half to finally find my bus. In all, it took me about two and a half hours to get to work that day and I was sure it would be my last as I was bent on resigning but for Quinn's intervention and encouragement.

Now I hop from bus to bus like a grasshopper on a daily basis with ease and in no more than 40mins to one hour max. I had gained a bit of mastery in commuting by bus and I realized that virtually all the buses that passed by me on the first day, were all going in my direction but because I didn't know, I fell a victim of my ignorance. Similarly, Imagine how many of life's opportunity we ignorantly allow to pass right by us each day because they are cloaked in garments we are not familiar with. It dawned on me that like desired nuts in undesired shells, life's greatest opportunity will present itself in the most unlikely package.

As I began to ponder on the events of that first day, I could hear the voice of my life teacher whisper to me saying "You didn't know the how". I knew where I was and where I needed to get to, but I had no clue as to how to get there. I realized that 'how' is equally as important as the 'what'.

The same principle applies also to life, a lot of people know where they are, know where they want to get to (dreams and goals of the future) but they lack the essential 'how to' in order to reach their destination.

The 21st century generation is faced with the challenges of not knowing how to reach their desired destination. The world has become a pool of dreams and visions so compelling you'd think the world can be changed overnight. But as powerful as those dreams are, they are deduced to mere wishes because the dreamers know not how to realize them.

Gone are the times when we teach people to dream. Dreams have become the currency of this generation. Enough of the 'from to paths' and emphasize the 'how to paths'. It is better to have a means without an end, than to have an end without a means to reach it. The former may accidentally guarantee you an arrival but not the latter.

As I conclude, I take a cue from the writings of the wisest man who ever lived King Solomon when he says that- "Every attempt made by a man to reach the city is wearisome because he doesn't know how to get to the city in the first place". Had I known how to get to my destination, my journey would have been less wearisome on the first day.