That Black Cloud

Do you ever feel that there is a black cloud of bad luck hovering over you, and only YOU?

The good news is, you are not alone my friend! You might not get rid of this black cloud, but you can accommodate it. Here are a few personal advices that could be useful and serve as an umbrella for you.

See the unforeseen and prepare for it.

I always believed that I am not as lucky as the others. But I knew that I needed to work harder than the others to achieve what I want.

My story with the bad luck cloud started quite some time ago. Initially, I believed everything that happened around me was a coincidence. But eventually, I started to wonder what it was about me that attracted all the bad luck. “No way these are just isolated incidents”, I said to myself.

Bad events often occur at the perfect time of my day. I head to work excited about my presentation and Oops...! my laptop stops responding just when it shouldn’t. I rush to a meeting and get lost on the way only to make my situation worse with embarrassment. With these events happening so often with me, I eventually learnt how to be ready for such unpredictable events

Be prepared at all times. Always have a plan-B and a plan-C in place if necessary. Maybe we cannot control the happenings around us. But a chance of making it less disastrous, could be the rescuer of the situation at times.

Work hard and never give up.

One of the chapters of my bad luck began just a day before my travel to India. My laptop fell from a height and the charging port was damaged. Fixing this required 5 days and therefore, I had to look for an innovative solution before leaving.


My flight to India was delayed. Thus, I also missed my other two connecting flights. My next nightmare was when I got into an argument with the management of my airlines while requesting for compensation for the third flight. Good news - I was successful here! Unfortunately, I didn’t know that I had to claim my luggage at the airport before connecting to the final local flight (I was about to lose my 6 months’ stay luggage on that day) Fortunately, I managed to claim it and had it delivered to the hotel where I was staying.

After two days of my arrival in India, I found out that the mobile that I bought just a month ago, had stopped detecting any SIM card and I had to struggle for two long months with various attempts towards fixing it and changing my SIM card. Finally, I gave up and bought a new mobile. I was so happy about solving this annoying problem. But to burst my bubble of joy, I found out that my Indian SIM card stopped working. What an irony that I was holding two mobile phones but both were completely useless. I took a deep breath and opted for a new SIM card.

I had strange emotions. It was a mix of anger, sadness and confusion. These incidents waste a lot of time and money, and seeing how things are going so smoothly with everyone else around you, does not help. I was going through a feeling of isolation from all my friends. No one could contact me and I was missing many events. I recall a night when I was lost in the big Indian city - Bangalore. I had a useless mobile, no money and walked 6 km back home finding my directions by asking people for landmarks on the streets…well, that was adventurous!

Find out your strongest asset.

During my stay in India, I applied for a visa to visit Tunisia for a training. I gave my passport to my friend who was traveling to the capital of India - Delhi, to deliver my documents to the Embassy there. When my friend told me about her complicated experience of doing me this favor, I had a good laugh and wondered - Is bad luck contagious?

I had no response from the embassy for almost a month. But the organization that was planning the training managed to get me a visa upon arrival. I had to pack my things and go!

I was so happy. But wait, my passport was in Delhi and I needed it in Bangalore to be able to travel. I could not even step outside Bangalore without it. I had only two days to bring it and my flight was already booked. I had to find someone to bring it for me from Delhi. Suddenly, I found myself surrounded by 10 people, 5 out of them who I did not even know personally. WOW! That was a strongly reassuring moment.

Astonished, I stopped, and thought to myself - I have been in India only for 4 months and I had all these people of different nationalities on a mission to help me - “Bring Laura’s Passport to Bangalore On Time”.  I realized how strong the human capital can be. When I finally had my passport in my hands, I had tears in my eyes. I knew that without all these people who helped without asking for anything in return, I wouldn’t be able to make it.

I am leaving India with two lessons - Don’t ever underestimate your friends. Sometimes, all you need to do is - ask. You never know what impact a small helpful contribution from you can have on someone else's life.

Your bad luck cloud is not there to make you feel clumsy or helpless. I have started to believe that the bad luck cloud is there to give you another perspective of life which you would have never thought of. Unleash your skills, find your true friends. You could be blessed if you can establish a dialogue for self-feedback from time to time. This could help you see the black cloud in a different way and as a blessing in disguise.