When Law Makers Become Law Breakers and Protectors Become Attackers

There may be no human heart left that has not mourned after hearing about the brutal rape and murder of Jyoti Singh in India. Also there might not be any human being left who have not been into aggression after hearing the statement against women from a lawyer as well as the criminals through the documentary called “India’s Daughter. Are women treated like that all over India? Especially after such disgusting statement by the lawyer himself, one can predict how much space do women have in India and how great is their culture.  

I always used to discuss with my Indian friends regarding social issues in India mostly the gender related violences and in almost all the times conclusion used to get stuck upon blaming against people’s mentality. what can be done to change their mentality? Is the education helping  to change their mentality? so all the rapists are uneducated then? so what about R K Pachauri’s case who besides of being a nobel peace prize winner and the Chairman of IPCC harassed  a woman employee at TERI which later on compelled him to resign from IPCC chairmanship? etc etc . I am always terrified because of daily news of rapes, murders and domestic violence against women. My questions to my colleagues  used to be somewhat like this: why men are so cruel in India? Why they hate women so much in their society? Why there is increasing rate of female feticides? Why the ratio of woman to man is decreasing? However why the rate of rape is increasing? Why the domestic violence against women is so high in the country? Why the country is not taking any action against such serious issues? Why Police force who are the protectors have become attackers? bla bla bla….

Police using water canons and tear gas to disburse the protestors against Delhi rape case who were demanding Justice for the Victim

After watching that documentary, I got the point regarding why women have no space in India. The so called parliament members (not 1,2 or 3 but 250) are either rapists or murderers and their cases are pending  in normal courts in different parts of India. They could be more henius than that of the Jyoti’s case that’s why besides of all these protests and international pressures, they are not taking any action.  When law makers themselves become the law breakers no one can expect peace and harmony in a society. Expecting Justice probably is the biggest crime in such case. When all the women along with all civilized men within the entire nation are standing in front of government and begging for Justice along with the international communities especially western countries (though they have their own motives), the government has become a dumb and actively proving why they want to suppress this issue by banning the documentary over internet. However no one could stop that, as internet is not limited to India only.

I think all those parlimentarians need to be thrashed out to protect the country from rapists. Before dealing with Jyoti’s case all these culprits cases need to be sorted out. Each and every government officers who are under rape case need to be suspended from their posts along with all those lawyers and Judge who are pushing the case further and saving the life of those rapists.  Then only India can expect some changes towards the women rights, gender equality and freedom.  Those who are responsible for poverty, rapes, murders are blaming women for being modern and going against indian culture. OMG Have they ever read Mahabharat and do they know why all that war happened at Dwapar yug? Do they know how women used to dress up during Satya yug and Treta yug? Have they ever been to Mandir/temples and observed how the idols of thier god/goddess looks like? A foolish guy who might have never touched Bhagwad geeta in his life talked about his culture and gave a lecture regarding how a girl/woman needs to behave to get well treated in society, how a woman should dressed up to be proved as a decent one. Will you rape a 5 year old girl child blaming her dressing sense? What about all those women in burkhas who got raped? What was the crime of 90 year old grandma? Was she wearing shorts, jeans or bikini?  A wise person will never point out the reason in this stupid way blaming women and their dressing style I guess. 

How can a lawyer say he would kill his daughter for moving out at night after 7:30. which indian law allows him to do so? why he said such disgusting sentences and why noone is taking action against him? where is the law? where is humanity? the cause of rape is deeply rooted upon these law makers and implementers who are trying to hide thier own crimes in the name of defending those rapists. A person feels insecure when he/she sees the similar crime conducted by him/her from another person and a bunch of public try to punish them as brutally as they can. He thinks sooner or later his turn may come. In a society like India where no one dares to ask question against a male, the overreaction of that lawyer is not a new incident. Thus we need to understand why nothing is being done so far against such heinous crime.

Here, its seems useless to beg for justice from the Government side, rather a huge international pressure must be created so that nothing can be hide by anyone All women and men throughout the world need to speak against this case because this is not just the issue of a girl but a sarcastic slap to all genuine human beings on earth. Nothing can be as shameless as this case where law makers and law implementers themselves are trying to forcefully push the case along with such statements against women leaving no point to prove that women have no space in Indian culture.