How do women become successful in the career of their choice? I had the pleasure of meeting with Ms. Bhavna Toor, Founder of Shenomics, and her answer to this question is compelling, but more importantly, groundbreaking. She is a woman who has found her purpose in life – to empower women to define, create, and find professionally and personally fulfilling lives on their own terms. She doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all model of success for women.

Bhavna would tell you that professional women need to search deep within themselves to succeed in their careers. She believes the most powerful tool a woman can develop is self-mentorship. – pronounced Shee-no-miks – is the coaching platform she launched this year to help women unleash their superpowers. Bhavna coined the idea based on the words, ‘she’ and ‘economics,’ sandwich the two and voilà, Shenomics!

Shenomics is a noun, which Bhavna has defined as “the art and science of extraordinary success for extraordinary women.” The enterprise offers practical tools, guidance, and inspiration to accelerate a woman’s professional development, coaching and training her to hone the skills needed to shine as a professional and leader. While in one fell swoop, supporting the inner reflection and self-discovery needed to live with purpose and passion. The Shenomics platform strives to celebrate a new paradigm of leadership that is feminine, authentic and powerful, and honors the different values that women bring to the table, whether it’s humility, vulnerability, empathy, inclusiveness or mindfulness.

I will have the opportunity to work with Shenomics and assist in brand strategizing and outreach efforts which target millennial career women in India. As part of the IDEX Global Fellowship program, Fellows complete an Insight assignment, which is a project undertaken outside our enterprise placement that adds value and knowledge to the social impact space. My Insight will consist of writing and publishing a series of articles relevant to young professionals forging their own career paths, as well as contributing to the Shenomics platform.

On, be on the lookout for articles and interviews consisting of Indian women sharing their stories and journeys in finding the right professions for them. The articles will include insights, interviews, and profiles from stand-up comedians, fashion designers, travel bloggers, journalists, chefs, legal activists, and social entrepreneurs.