My Country is Mourning and All I Need From You is Empathy

You can’t predict the future. You can’t even imagine what will happen within the next few minutes.”

These are some of the common dialogues which every one of us has gone through in our daily life. Even I used to say these words to my friends and relatives whenever I used to have discussions over life, future and time thinking that I know their meanings very well. I had never realized such things though I used to claim myself as knowing all . I had never realized how difficult it would be to digest those bitter truths. Today I understood the difference between knowing and realizing. Since this Saturday morning my mind is not able to decide what’s going on with me. I know no one has control over nature and no one can control the anger of Mother Earth. But why? Why I am not able to accept this? Don’t I have capacity to take that in? Why I am not neutral today? Why I am feeling sad today? Why my heart is broken today? Is it because of all those media who are broadcasting this terrible news or is it because of the unconditional love that I have for my country?

I had never seen such disaster happening in my country.  I had never imagined that nature’s cruelty can reach up to this level. Why I am compelled to watch and read all those horrendous news and can’t do anything to revert back? No one’s imprecation can be as bad as watching everything bad happening in your motherland and staying helpless. For me I had made so many lists regarding what I will be doing once I go back to Nepal after 2 months, but I had never envisioned about such deadly earthquake which could snatched all my dreams within a minute.  My first plan was to climb Dharahara and observe what changes have been made so far after I left Kathmandu from last time.  As the momo nearby Dharahara used to be an awesome one of my reason to hang out with my friends during my BBA time at Shanker Dev Campus, I had promised my new friends to take there and make them taste it. Sorry dear Aarty, Manita and Aparna I won’t be able to take you guys there.

How can I forget the hot milk tea at patan durbar square area?Can’t I enjoy the beauty of all those temples in Patan Area next time?  Why did you take that away?

And what about Hanuman Dhoka, Basantapur?  Hey earthquake how can you be so cruel to us? How can you erase all those monuments out there?  Whatever you do, you cannot erase all these heritages out of my heart. I have stored lots of beautiful memories from that place which cannot be shaken by your moves.

Well I am getting all updates about Kathmandu but what about other areas? what about other 80% of Nepal which is almost rural. What about Lamjung, Gorkha, Syangja, Pokhara and other districts? what about my hometown? I have heard the story about syangja bazar regarding how the huge mountain fell down and become a bit of plane land after the earthquake of 1990 B.S  and how people started migrating there from surrounding areas. I used to draw visuals of those story on my mind and feel bit scary all the time. Is the same thing happening to other hills and mountain regions of rural Nepal? I hope rescue team would reach to every nook and corner of the country and save the innocent lives out there.

Though the stars in the universe looks so attractive I cannot deny the beauty and importance of Moon. That will be always my first priority. I have never smiled with the beauty of sparkling stars like the way I always smile when I see Moon in the sky. How big the stars in the universe are and how much power do they have in their light, it is always the moon that will be there for me providing light and giving me direction in darkness. Though its shape keeps on changing it is always dearest to me. That is what exactly my motherland means to me.  Wherever I go and whatever I do I can’t deny this fact that I had taken my first breathe along with my first walk in this Nation.  I owe to the air, I owe to the land, I owe to the hills, mountains and rivers. Nevertheless I owe to the entire Nepalese who are in need of help right now.

As it is said nothing works against Nature and God and the only thing we can do is to Hope for the better. Yes we can be the hope for those who are in difficult situation. Although we can’t do anything for those who already lost thier life we can create hope for rest those who are struggling to survive, who are in difficult situation right now.

At this point of time, I request all Nepalese to stay safe, be alert and help each other. There is nothing like yours and mine at this point. Death can be dear to anyone at any point of time and we cannot hold anything in our hand forever. Let’s stay together and let’s help each other. It is the right time to prove the unity of ‘we’ Nepalese in this emergency situation. Hey Youths out there please give your 100 percent from your place and help people in need.  It’s our prime duty to act at this hour. Don’t forget to keep the emergency kit along with some stock of food especially dry foods which can last for long time and can’t get decayed easily. As Nepal almost depends upon food imports there may be massive shortage of food in upcoming days due to road blockages on various places. Also keep drinking waterfor at least 1 week as there might be blockage to the drinking water pipes and shortage in supply for some times.  Epidemic can be the major killer as rainy season is on the way. So please please stay alert and help each other for mutual benefit which is the only possible way out.

We owe to our motherland. It’s the right time to repay our debts. It’s our prime responsibility to rescue and rehabilitate people.  Let’s help government in its relief programs. Let’s not wait for anyone to come and help. We can better understand and empathize the sufferings of people than any other outsiders. So let’s get up and prove our selflessness, humanity and bravery. Let’s prove the power of unity among us. Let’s be with each other at this sad moment.

Along with this, I request all humans throughout this globe to pray for us in this sad hour. Help and support through any means will be highly appreciated. Please spread this message to all humans; please spread this message to all youths out there.

This is the time to prove ourselves as a real human being.

“Let’s show empathy rather than sympathy."