Ugly Pancakes = Valuable Life Lessons

After a short 30 minute phone call with an IDEX applicant, I was inspired to make a pancake! 

I asked her, "What constructive feedback have you received from a mentor that's impacted your life?" After a few seconds of reflecting she responded, "I had a habit of overthinking things. Before I would actually DO anything I would plan it out- every detail and then plan some more. I was stuck in planning mode. I wanted everything to be just perfect. After months of endless planning, one day my mentor sat me down and said when you do something for the first time it's like making your first pancake. It's guaranteed to be UGLY as hell! But the point is to get it in the pan. Eventually after time, it'll look better. But for now, just get it in the pan!". 

I sat in silence. It made total sense. I had just been taught a life lesson by pancakes. Freaking pancakes! 

So this post is dedicated to all the ugly, virgin pancakes that we've ever made and those yet to come- in the skillet and in real life. 

- Thank you Mikaela D. for sharing your valuable life lesson with me.